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hey buddy you want some patches
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afab agender/a crow playing in a puddle (them/they/their), team player. this blog is mostly art I make, art I like, DIY, crazyblogging

Fun mom things: “your hair looked better before”

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Cop Apologists:Darren Wilson is just one cop! Other cops aren't Darren Wilson!
Other Cops:*wearing "I Am Darren Wilson" bracelets*
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my brother gave me this weird flappy knife a+ brother

my brother gave me this weird flappy knife a+ brother

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no more friends in prison no more dead cats no more four dollar bagels

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today: excellent chill level

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certain types of trust are rare for me,

jess moved out of my house and to south carolina today and I hate it

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The fact born-deleuze liked my photo showing off my hair is a good sign that I’m getting nearer to the “sci-fi weirdo” vibe I love so much.


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"…The problem with incorporating sex into games is that to me, good sex is not mechanistic — it doesn’t always follow predictable paths towards established goals. It’s very playful, exploratory. Which is actually not a very popular view of sex or videogames.

There’s this quote from this psychologist Leonore Tiefer that I really love, where she describes orgasm as a very American means of thinking about sex, because it’s a quantifiable, discrete indicator of sexual ‘success.’ She actually uses the word ‘score’, which of course makes me think of games. And for me dominant understandings of sexuality are actually very much in line with dominant understandings of games and play: we believe that both must have win conditions, that they follow predictable patterns, and so forth."
S.EXE: Merritt Kopas on Porn, Pain and Power (part of her response to the question of the state of sex in games)
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I keep trying to make this person I otherwise really get along with listen to me talk about videogames, or sometimes even to play a video game, and they’re like “nah technology dependency distancing us from the wild” and “nah bourgey” and I just need to accept that this is the state of things

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I wish I did something entertaining enough to warrant people buying all of the books on my amazon wishlist for me

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"Theft exists only through the exploitation of man by man… when society refuses you the right to exist, you must take it…the policeman arrested me in the name of the Law, I struck him in the name of Liberty!"

Clément Duval - after stealing 15,000 francs from the mansion of a Parisian socialite, before accidentally setting the house on fire. He was caught only 2 weeks later after trying to fence the stolen goods, stabbing a policeman named Rossignol several times during his arrest. The policeman survived his wounds. His trial drew crowds of supporters and ended in chaos when Duval was dragged from the court crying “Long live anarchy!” He was condemned to death, but his sentence was later commuted to hard labor on Devil’s Island, French Guiana. (via militantweasel)

Duval spent the next 14 years in prison, attempting escape over 20 times. In April 1901, he succeeded and fled to New York City, where he lived until the age of 85. His memoirs were published in 1929.

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questions of the night
- how is there a body (my body)
- why is there a body (my body)
- how many more NyQuil until better (still my body)

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Call for Submissions: Alts: Trans Writers on Games and Roleplay



Calling for essays, comics, fiction, RPG modules, game reviews & criticism, academic writing, & etc. from trans writers on the general wobbly theme of games and role play. Tabletop-, video-, LARP-, board-, childhood-, social engineering-, sex-, any manner of- game.

This is an anthology zine which will be “published” in print and digital formats. Selected authors will get a $5 honorarium for each digest-size page, plus copies of the finished zine. In the unlikely event of profits, further proceeds will be split between contributors.

Please send works to altszine@gmail.com by Nov 1. Look over here for more details. Thanks! 

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signal boost for like, everyone I know

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